Facilities Management

Facilities Management


Profix provides integrated services in facilities management, where it meets all your needs to get rid of maintenance burden and reduce faults and costs. Therefore, Profix uses technical program for facility management, maintains the assets and reduces the costs and efforts.

In addition, Profix provides facility management service for the clients through Profix team to do all the maintenance work, or through contracting system, which based on the number of annual visits with all the sectors of the maintenance, whether the visits of the maintenance were urgent, periodic or preventive.


Facilities Management Sectors:

Maintenance Sector:

Profix provides total and integrated maintenance service, through its professional team of technicians and qualified engineers, to be able to focus on your work.

1. Air-conditioning, heating and ventilation maintenance systems.

Profix seeks to provide the best service in maintenance and installation of everything related to air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems for the residential and commercial facilities according to high-quality standers, which contains the following services:

  • Install and maintain air-conditioners.
  • Wash and clean interior and exterior units.
  • Establish, install and maintain Duct air-conditioners.
  • Install and maintain central air-conditioning system.
  • Central ventilation works.
  • Install and maintain (Gas and Diesel) boiler.
  • Install and maintain heater and solar panels.

2. Plumbing and mechanical maintenance systems:

Profix can do plumbing works with the highest standers of hygiene and high-quality qualified and trained team.

Which contains the following services:

  • Innovate and maintain of Sewer System.
  • Innovate and maintain of water supply points.
  • Maintain and replace bathroom sets and accessories.
  • Clean and maintain Sewer System.
  • Clean and maintain water tanks storage.
  • Clean and maintain water wells.
  • Clean and maintain of boilers.
  • Maintain and replace water pumps.
  • Install and maintain solar panels systems.

3. Water treatment maintenance of the sewer system:

Profix provide the service of water purification from contaminant and stuck materials to be valid for reuse or to be valid to get rid of it into the sewer without causing water pollution.


4. Civil works maintenance:

Profix provides civil works services, which belongs to architectural and construction services.

Which contains the following services:

  • Windows maintenance.
  • Door maintenance (wooden doors, iron doors, and glass doors).
  • Paints (normal, closed, and glass interfaces).
  • Flooring works (clear ceramic, marble floors and paints).
  • Concretes.
  • Buildings.
  • Water tanks.
  • Sidewalks and exterior works.


5. Maintenance and operating lighting and electrical panels:

Profix provides electrical professional engineers for the maintenance of all electrical works.

6. Firefighting and fire alarm maintenance:

Profix provides installing and maintenance of firefighting and fire alarm equipment to maintain the safety of people and facility.

7. Security systems maintenance:

Profix provides all the types of security systems that enhances commitment and security level at your work area.

Which contains the following services:

  • Smart control and monitoring systems.
  • Individual entry building systems.
  • Car entry and exit systems.

8. Audio and video systems:

Profix provides a maintenance of all the audio and video systems in a professional and high-quality.

9. Maintenance of information and network systems.

10. Maintenance of irrigation systems:

Profix provides a maintenance of irrigation systems.

11. Paints & Coating:

Profix provides the best kinds of paint by cooperation with Jotun Co. for paintings, which contains all kinds of paints as the following:

Decorative, industrial paints for ceilings, walls and floors of wood or iron.


Smart control and monitoring systems:

Profix provides all the forms of systems special for monitoring and controlling of smart houses, buildings and facilities, in addition to protection systems against stealing and all networks system, in cooperation with Oxygen Co.

For further information about Oxygen Co.


Pest Control:

Profix seeks to provide its services for the clients in cooperation with General Health Integrated Co. Whereas, Profix serves controlling services to every kind of insects and rodents. This service contains (crawling insects, flying and insect’s traps, in addition to control all pests, parasites, termites and strayed animals).



Through Profix Alliance, we provide gardening and landscaping, in cooperation with Olitec for Agribusiness Company. This service is a complement to maintenance management.

Includes the following services:

Supply and cultivation of plants & trees, Garden Design, Landscaping, Control of rodents and pests, Supply of agriculture materials and equipment, Annual Contracts, Others.

For further information about Olitec for Agribusiness Co.




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