Who is ProFix

Profix is a leading company in the world of maintenance and facility management. The idea of ​​Profix was to end the burden of maintenance on the home owners and facilities and raise the concept of maintenance to a high level of quality, safety and peace of mind commensurate with the level of well-being and development that suits our societies.

Join the world of ProFix

At Profix, we will not only provide a distinguished product and high-end service to our Arab societies, but rather, with the help of all our distinguished partners, we aim to create a new societal culture, which improves the taste of society and altogether changes the way it looks to the maintenance service and the professional groups it provides.

Profix establishes a new way of dealing with this vital need, linking it in an unprecedented way to the values ​​of quality, sophistication, benevolence and peace of mind.

In order to activate the idea of ​​Profix and represent its values ​​in the interest of effective performance, the formulation of the franchise system was the practical step in this way.

Definition of the franchise system

A privilege is a way of doing business, where the grantor of the concession ( the first party ) to allow the granting of granted concession second party ) the use of the brand, and the method of operation of the approved work used by the franchisor for a fee or a percentage of total sales The grantor provides a number of services such as advertising , training and other support services . 

Where the target of the agreement Behm donor , the concession to expand and spread the desire of granted the privilege of success in the best way; for the benefit of the donor experience the privilege to reduce the work according to the principle of trial and error to a minimum and get the right brand and operational expertise and technical resources In addition to obtaining continuous support from the concessionaire in exchange for payment of a specific concession fee.