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In 2014, Engineer Mohamed Ghazal had touched on the urgent need in the Arab world to develop the maintenance profession, which was a burden on both homeowners and enterprises.  Working honestly and distinctively is the best way to perform the task. He was aspiring to promote this profession and the leaders to make the difference in the world of maintenance in all its borders.


Today Profix which is registered under the name of "IDEAL PROJECTS FOR MANAGEMENT AND INVESTMENT" no. 30886, is no longer just a maintenance company. We are proud of its expansion in the field of maintenance and facility management. It has succeeded in institutionalizing its work and has moved from a  successful experience to a successful organization..


Whereas, Profix:

  • It started from the Jordanian capital Amman and was able to expand to 7 new regions through the franchise system.


  • In 2019, it moved its main business headquarters to Singapore where technology and development are taking place.
  • It has become a leader in the field of maintenance and professionally managing installations through advanced management and technical systems.
  • It is keen to spread professional culture and adhere to professional etiquette among its technicians, as well as provide professional classification for technicians that depend on international standards.


To access the world of Profix, read about our vision, mission and success stories:


Profix Mission:

Provide services and high-end maintenance solutions for houses and commercial facilities in an innovation sense.


Profix Vision:

We make the difference in the world of maintenance and facility management.



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