Smart systems and software

Smart systems and software

In our world today where speed in performance, high productivity and intense competitiveness, Profix had to work in smart systems and invest in technology; so it worked on developing many software, applications and smart systems to upgrade its business and serve its customers and our societies in a way that suits and fulfills their requirements and ambition.



Why Profix technical systems:

Profix aims according to its smart systems for some points such as the following:

  • Managing our businesses efficiently.
  • Increasing productivity of the technical team.
  • Maintaining of the assets and the facility.
  • For safe, upscale, ​​and professional maintenance.
  • To institutionalize work and avoid being affected by people and some managers.
  • For easy tracking, reading, analysis and appropriate decision making


Profix has built its technical program, which is specialized for facility management according on international features and standers. The following are the most important functions of the program:

First: Assets and tools management

Profix enables their customers of facilities owners to manage the assets of the facility and all essential tools professionally according to its technical program, and preserve them. As well as, Profix takes an appropriate decision at each phase of facility life. Thus, the following can be achieved:

  • High-control of all assets and tools, and confirm all maintenance work.
  • Maintain the value of assets and prolong their life.
  • Pre-scheduling across the technical system for preventive maintenance works with a reminder system.
  • Enable decision-makers to make the most appropriate decision according to the amount of information provided from the system.


Second: Management work orders via Profix application

Profix has developed a smart application for the facility, whereas the maintenance services are requested via application instead of telephone calls and written documents between the departments, because they will be lost and difficult to track maintenance orders:

  • Press the order “ticket” for every maintenance order, in order to control all maintenance services.
  • Automation the work cycle, in order to track the order case by clicking on the order “ status” via application all the time.
  • Get rid of written work orders and issues like forgetting, losing and delaying in implementation and archiving.
  • The ability of the program to identify the deficiencies and the reasons for it.


Third: Productivity management

Due to the facility need to raise the performance, Profix technical program has a high ability to manage productivity and increase it by taking advantage of the following:

  • The ability to know the productivity of each technician working in the facility during a certain period of time.
  • The ability to know the density of the work for each working sectors.
  • The ability to know the facility needs of technicians throughout the year.
  • The ability to know the evaluate of each technician working in the facility after each maintenance service.


Forth: Spare parts management

Throughout Profix smart programs for facilities management, it becomes possible to make a properly high-control and management of spare parts, through the following:

  • The possibility of predicting the size of the required spare parts based on the analysis of previous numbers.
  • The possibility to confirm all spare parts used in different work orders.
  • High-control and track of all spare parts used, and determine the most used spare parts.
  • Issuing purchase orders related to maintenance through an auto-system.
  • The possibility of predicting the size of the used spare parts, and their costs during a certain period of time.

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